The first event in Brazil made for leaders who want to make companies more humane, inclusive, and sustainable
June 16th and 17th
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If you believe profit and performance should always come first

This event is not for you

The use of technology to develop new products, accelerate productivity, and improve processes is good, but not enough nowadays.

We have to use these resources to go further and build what we call Society 5.0 – a society with more humane, imaginative, and smart organizations that value the wellbeing of people, cities, communities, and sustainable business growth.

If you want to become an active leader in building this new scenario, your presence in this event is more than welcome: it is crucial.
Here is what you’ll learn from our experts to become a leader of the future

Context and the origins of big transformations

Trends in behavior, values, and attitude

Characteristics of leaders of the future Technology to solve global problems

Technology to solve global problems

The role of entrepreneurial education and training in Society 5.0

The new relationship between man and the environment

The role of technology in the search for the Imagination Society

Business leadership as an agent of change in society

Diversity and social inclusion for companies in practice

A unique and immersive experience for professionals who refuse to stand still while the world changes.

During 2 days full of content, from 3 pm to 9
pm (Brasília – GMT-3)
, you will learn from an eclectic selection
of national and foreign experts who have
inspired new reflection and practices for a
more responsible, inclusive, and creative

Get ready to watch high-level lectures and
panels with hands-on, reflective content that
will prepare you to act as a leader of the
new economy.

Schedule of lectures and speakers
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Become a leader ready to build a future in
which companies are more humane, diverse
and responsible, without giving up

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Get to know the hubs, portals, and reference centers of Sebrae

Essential topics to build an innovative business environment and a culture that is favorable to entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Arts and Crafts:
The Sebrae Reference Center for Brazilian Craft (CRAB) is a market platform to reposition and
qualify Brazilian craft, transforming it into an object of desire and consumption. It aims to bring
to light the “Brazilian Craft” brand as a world reference.

The Ecotourism Portal is a dynamic digital environment with online training, forums, news, and
data for the improvement of the Brazilian ecotourism. It promotes business opportunities and
practices that contribute to the innovation and productivity of the Ecotourism chain.

Entrepreneurship Education:
The Reference Center for Entrepreneurship Education (CER) generates and shares knowledge,
conducts studies, research, and promotes entrepreneurship education by means of strategic
partnerships with universities, companies, research centers, and professionals.

The Reference Center for Innovation at Sebrae is a meeting point for technology startup
entrepreneurs and the creative economy. It is a hub that generates and spreads knowledge in
these areas.

The Leadership Center of Sebrae carries out actions to prepare people to lead. It helps building
relationships and improving the business environment through programs and learning

The Sustainability Center of Sebrae (CSS) prospects, generates, and spreads knowledge and
practices so that small businesses can take advantage of the emerging opportunities of this
concept and become sustainable, increasing their competitiveness and innovation.

Imagine 5.0 is hosted by

Founded in 1972, SEBRAE is the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, a non-profit private entity that provides training and promotes economic development and competitiveness for micro and small companies, encouraging entrepreneurship in Brazil.
The is a technology company that connects a segmented and qualified audience to leading companies in their segments with digital solutions and significant content.

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